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Falling for the Player -- Jessica Lee
Falling for the Player

Sins of A Wolf -- Jessica Lee
Sins of A Wolf

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Make Me

ARE Best Seller

Make Me -- A KinKaid Wolf Pack Story  2nd Edition Available Now

Becoming the alpha of one's wolf pack—brutal. Keeping the title and your mate alive all at the same time—living hell.
Evin KinKaid has it all: the title of alpha of the KinKaid wolf shifter pack and the man he loves, his mate, Mason Thorne II in his bed. But across territorial lines, it seems another pack is conspiring to see just how badly he wants to keep them both. So when the Gregorson pack tests its boundaries, leaving Evin to find his home ransacked and his mate nowhere to be found, the rival shifters learn what it's like to gain the KinKaid's alpha's full attention.

2nd. Edition. Short story sequel to Bloodlines

Read Reviews | Read Excerpt (intended for 18 years or older)

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….Hot, fun, mysterious, and did I say hot? Reviewer: AlexJouJou  Manic Readers

….a nonstop ride of highs and lows; complete with naughty interludes that are beyond HOT. Reviewed By: Madeline Smoot The Pagan and The Pen Book Reviews


"Love you," Mason whispered against his mate's lips.

"I love you too." Evin threaded his fingers through Mason's hair. "Can't imagine my life without you."

"Good. 'Cause I'm never letting you go." Mason smiled, then nipped Evin's lower lip.

"Ouch!" Evin jerked his head back and laughed.

Mason flexed, ready to scramble from the bed, but Evin snaked his arm around his waist, halting his retreat right as a hard palm landed on Mason's ass. Smack!

"Hey…" he cried out, whipping his head around to meet the handsome, teasing gaze of his lover. Heat flared across his butt cheek where he'd been spanked, sending a heady rush of excitement through his veins. "You love that, don't you?"

"What?" Evin smoothed his palm over the sting, then promptly swatted the same spot again. This time Mason had anticipated his move and yielded to the sensation. "Keeping you in line? Spanking your ass when you've been bad?" Mason's cock stirred back to life at his words. The deep and husky sound of renewed arousal in Evin's voice tantalized every nerve ending and licked up his shaft, making it difficult to remain still. Evin pulled Mason closer, and the warmth of his breath caressed Mason's ear. "Yes, I do."

The heavy thud of a fist pounding on the front door had Mason swallowing back the demand for Evin to finish the punishment he'd started.

"What the…?" Evin rolled from the bed and darted toward the bathroom. Mason followed close on his heels. After performing a quick spot check for any evidence, they grabbed their robes and made their way to the front of the cabin. The abuse of the wood grew even more insistent as they neared. "Coming!" Evin mumbled a few more choice words, then flipped the dead bolt and yanked the door wide open.

Landry Michaels and Kaleb Dalton, two senior leaders of the KinKaid enforcers, stood on the other side. The stony looks on their faces and the fact that it was three o'clock in the morning said they hadn't dropped by for a beer.

"We've got a problem." Landry was the first to speak as he entered. Kaleb sauntered in behind, his palm resting on the grip of his automatic.

"Must be a bitch of a situation if this couldn't wait until dawn," Evin stated, shoving the door closed.

"It's the Gregorson pack." Kaleb swung back around, facing Evin now.

Mason moved in closer to his mate's side. He didn't know what the hell that meant, but judging by the chill that suddenly swept the room, it wasn't good. Mason glanced up at his partner and couldn't miss the lines of tension forming around his eyes.

"What have you found?" With a lift of his chin, Evin directed the men toward the den, and the warmth of his hand at Mason's back guided him toward the couch.

The thump of boot heels echoed off the wood floor as they proceeded into the other room. The enforcers were dressed in black from head to toe, their uniforms matching their dark moods.

Landry dropped into the large chair to the left of the sofa as Kaleb sat on the edge of the love seat, legs spread, hands clasped between his knees, directly across from Evin and Mason. Kaleb shoved a few strands of the auburn hair that had come loose from the band at his nape behind his ear, then looked to Landry. As if on cue, the other enforcer picked up where Kaleb had left off.

"Dead wolves."